Sometimes, when it rains it pours—
especially when it comes to excess claim volatility. As a proven reinsurer, 4 Ever Life enhances excess reinsurance protection for our insurance company partners by shielding them from significant claim activity. With reinsurance protection, insurance companies are able to mitigate their risk exposure from volatile underwriting loss results. In other words, 4 Ever Life Excess Reinsurance is protection for protectors. That's protection, enhanced.

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Large claim volatility is almost a certainty in any given four-year period. To mitigate this risk, 4 Ever Life Insurance Company specializes in designing reinsurance solutions that increase actuarial credibility and generate unmatched reinsurance buying power. As a reinsurance carrier, 4 Ever Life is a proven partner in enhancing reinsurance protection.

Blocks of Business

4 Ever Life offers reinsurance protection for various lines of business either in total or for selected blocks of business. Working with 4 Ever Life, an insurance company can:

  Reinsure claim expenses at a fixed cost exceeding an attachment point
  Protect reserves from catastrophic losses
  Include the cost of reinsurance in the pricing formula
  Reinsure hospital and physician protection
  Provide custom-tailored deductibles, limits, and benefits

The 4 Ever Life Insurance Company Excess Reinsurance program is protection, enhanced. For more information, please call 888.923.4227.

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