Hourly employees with access to life and short-term disability insurance stand out in a crowd. So do their employers. Our limited benefit products enhance worksite benefits for otherwise uninsured hourly and seasonal workers. From term life insurance to short-term disability, 4 Ever Life provides basic yet essential benefits for cost-sensitive employees and employers. And, since no employer contributions are required to offer these simple yet meaningful coverages, 4 Ever Life's term life and short-term disability solutions are easy ways to provide employees access to group worksite benefits. That's protection, enhanced.

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4 Ever Life Insurance Company offers flexible, limited benefit life and short-term disability insurance programs for part-time and hourly workers. For employers, these products offer a recruiting and retention advantage that is flexible, cost-effective and a perfect complement for limited benefit health, dental, and vision insurance programs. And, while other insurers are trying to gain a foothold in the limited benefit marketplace, 4 Ever Life has been filling this important need for years.

Life and Short-Term Disability Insurance

4 Ever Life is a major underwriter in the limited benefit market and has implemented programs for national fast food franchises, hotel chains, department stores, and staffing companies. Customer services include:

  Possesses over 60 years' experience as an underwriting issuing carrier
  Rate "A-" (Excellent) by A.M. Best
  Licensed to underwrite health and life business in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia

Target Markets

4 Ever Life limited benefit markets include:

  Employer/employee relationship with 500+ hourly employees.
  Young populations with average age under 45.
  High turnover and/or waiting period-based populations.

The 4 Ever Life Insurance Company Limited Benefits program is protection, enhanced. For more information, please contact 866.798.0803 ext. 3260 or visit essentialcare.com.

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